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I figured my first blog should be an introduction of my why.

Why did I decide to create Goodgod? What is the story and motive behind it?

GoodGod was actually my husband's idea, he spoke the word and I believed in his vision so much that I wanted to bring it to manifestation. Just as God spoke a word to create the heavens and the earth, we also have the capability to do the same. God gave him the vision, He planted the seed by speaking it aloud to me, and God gave me the ability to water it.

Now when we met I was a hot mess, and when I say hot that’s just what I mean. I had no vision, no sense of direction and no purpose. I always like to compare myself to an empty vessel just waiting to be filled. Waiting to overflow in the abundance He had stored up just for me. I just wasn’t sure how to tap into it and because of my intentional incompetence, I allowed for the wrong people to pour into me.

On the outside I was still me........Danielle......tall, slender, easy on the eye, confident (on the outside) but on the inside I was full of empty promises, lies, promiscuity, alcohol and loneliness. As if my vessel wasn’t already filled with my own mess, I took on the mess of others and allowed them to pour into me as well. Soul ties became toxic and I began to lose myself in the creation rather than the creator.

But God is SO GOOD that he will send someone or something when you least expect it that can change your whole life around in a matter of seconds and that’s exactly why he sent my loving, God fearing husband. Totally opposite of the norm for me. Unequally yolked was what we were, or so I thought. But if that’s the case then half the people Jesus encountered in the Bible were not equally yolked with him but He still was able to use them and walk with them and lead them to their destiny. In doing that, their minds were altered and shifted which allowed them to transcend their present state and walk in newness. That’s me, I am newness.

Despite all of my current situations, past mistakes and flaws God has transformed me and made me new. GoodGod is not just a brand it’s a movement, its a statement and most of all it’s a testimony.  God is Good and always will be regardless of my current circumstances and despite yours. We are more than conquerors and always will be. So why GoodGod? Because that’s exactly what and who he is. #GoodGod 

Psalm 34:8


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  • I’m so inspired by your message and drive. Keep doing you and you will flourish!

    Summer B.

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