How We are Failing as “Christians”


When you hear the word Christian where does your mind go? What do you envision when you think of a person who claims to be a Christian and how do you ultimately perceive them to walk out their lives on a day to day basis?

Our outlook on this whole Christianity thing and how we walk it out has been tainted and misconceived from the beginning and it’s time to get something things in order.

“The Christian”

First, let me start off by saying we have dropped the ball tremendously as Christians. We are sending confusing and false messages by hiding behind the “I’m not perfect” phrase when in all reality we are perfect. Perfection is not something that is earned it is something that was given to us freely when we came to Christ. We have been trying to obtain something we already possess and so when we feel like we haven’t obtained it or miss the mark, we then say we are imperfect. That’s when faith comes in. To know even when you are walking in addiction, adultery, fornication, lying, etc, you are still perfect. That takes faith. It’s absolutely mind-blowing. We think that doing things makes us righteous. Not cussing, not lying, reading your bible daily, going to church. None of that makes us perfect nor does it make us any more righteous than the next. You reading your bible and going to church is just a response to what grace has made available to you. What makes us righteous is being joined to Jesus who is the perfect righteous one. Because we are made in His likeness we are perfect spiritually.

Because we think we earned our salvation and his righteousness, we put that on others and make them feel like they have to earn it as well. Putting ourselves on a pedestal and looking down on others instead of walking in pure love. We are a poor representation of Christ at times and because of that, we have people running from the church rather than coming to. We drop the ball by not telling people about our covered up sins and boast about our strengths instead. Putting on this facade like our relationship with God is a “get out free” card but we forget about the probation period we have to serve with sin. It’s still there and we are not exempt from serving out our time. The word says confess your sins one to another so He knows we are going to fail, but we make it out to be an abomination when someone does.

I feel like I waste a lot of time engaging in debates, defending the reason why I believe in God and why I choose to be planted in a church. If God is so good and if the church is a place to learn the fundamentals of His teaching, why aren’t people lined up at the door? Why aren’t people eagerly trying to find out who this God is and how can they get access to his abundant love? This is because His representatives who have been chosen to act and speak on his behalf have done a poor job. Our only job is to love one another regardless of the choices people make, regardless of color, lifestyle, and beliefs. Instead, we judge, condemn, and push away the very people that God wants to bring into His kingdom. The same grace that God gives to us is the same grace we need to extend to others.

Please don’t think that his grace is a license to sin. Remember that there are consequences to every action but just remember as people sin more and more, Gods wonderful grace became more abundant

Romans 5:20

"Let’s live in love, forgive much and be the representatives that God has called us to be."

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