Holding On

This title embodies something so great and is something that most of us can relate to in a major way. Holding on can seem so right but yet it can be so wrong in so many ways depending on what it is you are holding on to. 

Personally, I have struggled with this in many areas of my life and still do to this day. Can I be totally transparent? Hope you are ready........


Dying to myself:

The biggest thing I have struggled with is dying to myself and allowing myself to fully surrender to the will of God. It’s not the type of dying you may think. Dying to myself really means that I no longer continue to arrange the world around myself my own will for my life. Being able to fully let go and allow God to be my ultimate provider. Trusting him in knowing that when I give up my life, my own self-importance, greed, lusts and desires, I can then allow him to reshape me into His perfection. 

"Jeremiah 29:11 says For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Seeking him diligently requires constant persistence, dedication, discipline, faithfulness, and sacrifice just to name a few. But if his plans for me are nothing but greatness, why do I resist it so much? Why do I at times run from what God has for me like the plague instead of embracing His way and will for my life? I feel like at times I’m holding on to my life as it suffocates, drowning in empty wants and desires, desperately hanging on to its last breath when in all reality I’m the one giving it CPR. Resuscitating and enabling it as I continue to be its one and only lifeline. In all reality I know that I have to let it go, in all reality I know that I have to allow it to die to reach my greatest potential but somehow my reality and my need to hold on to what’s comfortable clash causing a train wreck of distorted visions and emotions causing me to act out in ways that are contrary to His will. 

The Bible says if you try to hang on to your life you will lose it but if you give up your life for my namesake, you will find it (Matthew 16:25)

When I think of dying to myself, I relate it to an individual who plays sports. Kobe, Payton Manning, Jordan, Tom Brady, just to name a few all times greats. In order for them to become all-time legends as they did require major dedication and forced them to lay down their specific wants and needs to achieve a common goal: Purpose. 

We fumble through life and have the nerve to cry out to God when we drop the ball expecting him to put the pieces back together when we should have consulted him in the first place. He has access to the playbook but we decide to call audibles (football term). 

How can we trust someone we don’t know? How can we grasp the true character and nature of the God of the universe especially when we have been taught wrong about who he really is? We question him and his ways so we hold on to the know instead of letting go to walk into the unknown where the ultimate freedom lies. Walking this new life out takes it to share of preparation and practice, we will have our share of mistakes and setbacks. We will have onlookers declaring us to be something we are not, identifying us by the old life and holding on to what they once knew. Will you give in and conform to fit into what they say? Will you fall back into your old habits and ways? Will the feeling of shame and guilt consume you causing u to teeter-totter on the sea saw of the dead life that you thought you buried in the grave and the new life that was freely given to you? The answer to these questions is yes. Dying to your self is not instantaneous nor is it a VIP pass that allows us to skip the line of failures and setbacks. I've failed and reverted back many times but He wouldn’t let me go. To this day I have my flaws, to this day I give in to temptation every now and then, but that doesn’t negate the fact that He has given me new life after I made the decision to lay down mine. It’s my duty to learn from mistakes, to consciously make the decisions to elevate my mind by reading his word and applying it daily. 

Process + Progress = Success

I know this is a hard topic for some, and some may not even comprehend, but my question to you is are you willing to die to self and pick up the life that God has strategically prepared just for you?

Colossians 3:3 

"For you died to this life, and your real life is hidden with Christ in God"

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